UK coastal paths

2020 will see the opening of Englands Coast Path. This will extend to some 2800 miles. Sounds an awful lot, but bearing in mind it includes esturies and other coastal inlets, the miles soon mount up.

The terrain varies tremendously, from flat sandy beaches with sand dunes in the South East of Engla...

Dog ownership in the UK

With nearly 9 million dogs in the UK, with over 25% of the adult population owning a dog. 

As a comparison, in Europe, only Germany has more dogs than the UK, with 9.2 million. However, the Germany population is 82 million, compared to the UK at 66 million. So % wise the UK is higher.

Not being a ...

Selecting Dog Walking Boots

With so many people in the UK being dog owners, the market for dog walking boots is substantial.

However, with dog ownership covering both urban and rural locations, the choice of a suitable boot is paramount.

If you generally walk on paths, there is little need for full height outer rubber on you...

Grubs Discover walking shoe

As a departure from the traditional wellington boot market, Grubs have joined he ranks of those brands offering waterproof walking shoes.

However, this is not an ordinary walking boot. The Grubs Discover has the benefit of the VIBRAM RollinGait curved sole - and from experience I can advise the sol...

Are Wellington Boots available in different widths?

We are often asked in the Showroom if Wellington Boots come in different widths. 

Different manufacturers will use different 'lasts', or standard profile for the foot. 

We were talking to David and Jan Foster about this recently.

In the case of Grubs Boots, they use a 'last' ref RBK84B - RBK st...

Grubs Boots Rainline

Most Grub's boots are based on two defining elements - thermally insulated boots with a wide range of outer sole patterns. A good starting point for any Brand, but Grubs recognised further design features are popular with other Brands. 

Therefore Grubs introduced the Rainline range of boots. 


How to care for your Grubs Boots

When making an investment in quality wellies, you will want to keep them clean and in good condition whenever possible. Over time your boots will get dirty from those long muddy dog walks, trekking through fields and even gardening. Here in this guide you will find easy solutions on how to clean you...

British Equine market size

Horse riding in the UK is a massive leisure business. In 2011, the estimated number of horses, in both private and professional ownership, was nearly 1 million.

Apart from livery cost, the market for horse riding consumer goods, ie riding gear / riding boots etc, is estimated at around £600 million...

Grubs Iceline range

Grubs Iceline range was developed to compliment the very popular Grubs frostline range.

Frostline will typically provide thermal comfort to -20 degC, with a smooth nylon faced Neoprene upper.

Some customers indicated a preference for a boot with even more thermal insulation.

The Grubs Iceline was...

Development of the Exclusive Grubs Fieldline Boot with VIBRAM sole

At Internetgardener we recognised the popularity of the Muck Boot Muckmaster boot with Farmers, Vets and Dog Walkers. It is perfect for heavy field work, with it’s deep lugged sole that provides sure footed grip in heavy mud or really soft water logged grass surfaces.  

However, the lugged so...