Dog ownership in the UK

With nearly 9 million dogs in the UK, with over 25% of the adult population owning a dog. 

As a comparison, in Europe, only Germany has more dogs than the UK, with 9.2 million. However, the Germany population is 82 million, compared to the UK at 66 million. So % wise the UK is higher.

Not being a dog owner myself, I am surprised how many families have more than one dog. Not really sure why I should be surprised, as one daughter has 2 dogs and the other 3 dogs. 

When we take them for a walk in Clumber Park, you see many other people with more than one dog. 

We have a motorhome and the majority of caravan / motorhome owners appear to have at least one dog. This I can understand, as it is inappropriate to take pets to many hotels / guest houses, forcing pets to be sent to kennels in order for owners to have a holiday - Caravans / motorhomes obviously allow pet to be taken.

Between 2010 to 2017, the UK dog population has seen steady, but consistant growth. I had better get used to seeing a greater number of dogs on my travels.



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