Extreme Cold 8.5

Insulated wellington boots are essential for cold weather and the Grubs 8.5 range offers the ultimate in warm wellies for cold weather. Not only are they made from neoprene inners with rubber overlaid to the outside, the Grubs 8.5 range also inculde a fleece layer to the inside which keeps your toes cozy on even the coldest of days.

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Grubs Eskline 8.5 Moss Green Wellington Boots

Get a grip! On the ground that is, these Grubs Stalker 5.0 Wellington Boots in Moss Green have Grubs VIBRAM®MULTI-SPORT™ outsole with shock absorbing DURALITE™ lightweight mid-soles.
£99.00 £72.95

Grubs Frostline Sport 8.5 Black Boots

For grip and warmth in icy conditions
£94.95 £69.95

Grubs Iceline Blue 8.5 Boots

£94.95 £68.99

Grubs Iceline Heather 8.5 Boots

£94.95 £66.95

Grubs Snowline 8.5 Moss Green Boots

£99.95 £82.99

Grubs Treeline 8.5 Camo Boots

£119.00 £88.99

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