Grubs ATL Camping & Gardening Shoes

The Caravan & Camping market is massive in the UK and one of the main requirements is for a shoe that can easily be slipped on and off to stop grass cuttings or mud being taken into your caravan or tent. 

We discussed this sector with Grubs and identified the Woodline as a real contender in the market, but the hard rubber outer made these relatively heavy and stiff. Grubs then developed the ATL shoe, with a soft but waterproof upper matched to a light dimpled sole pettern.

There are currently 3 colour options - Navy, Green & Black. 

You really need to try these in our Nottingham Showroom to see just how good these are.




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Grubs ATL 5.0 Camping Shoe Navy

The Grubs All Terrain Lite shoe is perfect for summer gardening or camping, where easy to slip on functionality is required
£47.30 £38.60

Grubs ATL Camping & Gardening Moss Shoes

Grubs ATL lightwieght slip on shoe with all the waterproof and insulation qualities you would expect from Grubs.
£47.30 £38.60

Grubs ATL Camping Shoe Black

The Grubs All Terrain Lite shoe - designed as an easy to slip on shoe for gardening & camping
£47.30 £38.60