No tall boots in this section, but instead we offer a wide range of shoes and calf height boots to allow you to keep your feet dry and still have the ability to kneel down and tend to borders etc.

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Grubs ATL 5.0 Camping Shoe Navy

The Grubs All Terrain Lite shoe is perfect for summer gardening or camping, where easy to slip on functionality is required
£47.30 £38.60

Grubs ATL Camping & Gardening Moss Shoes

Grubs ATL lightwieght slip on shoe with all the waterproof and insulation qualities you would expect from Grubs.
£47.30 £38.60

Grubs ATL Camping Shoe Black

The Grubs All Terrain Lite shoe - designed as an easy to slip on shoe for gardening & camping
£47.30 £38.60