Grubs Boots Heritage

You may not recognise the Grubs Boots brand, but you will recognise our heritage. Recognise the name Reebok? Wondered who invented Cricket Boots with metal spikes? Wondered who invented spiked running shoes? Have you heard of the film 'Chariots of Fire' based on the lives of Olympic runners Harold Abrahams & Eric Liddell - well they both ran in shoes designed by David Foster's family. Check out the Foster family heritage in shoe and boot design and appreciate the generations of input that has lead to the current range of insulated and 100% waterproof Grubs Boots.
Joseph Foster opens a shoemaking business in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire and starts the shoemaking design heritage. This is less than 10 miles from The Internet Gardener Ltd offices at Calverton.

A keen cricketer, Samuel Foster (son of Joseph) is fed up of slipping on wet ground and invents the cricket boot with metal spikes. 



Another generation on and Joseph Bradshaw Foster moves to Bolton - the start of a long association with the Foster family for the town.

Joseph William Foster founded the company J W Foster & Sons to manufacture spiked running shoes. It has taken nearly 70 years since the family invention of the spiked cricket shoe, to arrive at the spiked running shoe.

Joseph Foster's spiked running shoes are a real success and in 1904 Alfred Shrubb* stormed to victory in the 1-hour endurance race wearing a pair of Foster spikes. He broke 3 World Records in the one race - 6 miles in just under 30 minutes, 10 miles in just under 51 minutes and the 1 hour with just under 12 miles

'Chariots of Fire' story is based on the exploits of two runners at the Paris Olympics, Harold Abrahams & Eric Liddell. They ran to victory in spiked running shoes manufactured by J W Foster & Sons

John & James Foster take over the business. They develop the range of football & other sporting shoes/boots

James Foster's sons Jeff & Joe leave the family business to start REEBOK - now a well-known sporting footwear brand

   History 3

Another generation comes into the footwear company. Joe Foster's son David joins the REEBOK company. This is the start of their direct link to the creation of Grubs Boots

Still working for REEBOK, David Foster moves to America to design Rockport Gore-Tex boots. These boots are still in production over 20 years later.

David Foster leaves REEBOK and joins Clarks to develop Gore-Tex and other new technology products and processes.

   Grubs Trax Sole

David Foster sets up ION Associates. a design Consultancy and become a distributor of insulated neoprene boots manufactured by The Original Muck Boot Company. Their dealership is for distribution worldwide, except North America.

David Foster launches the Grubs Boot brand of insulated neoprene boots.

Grubs Boots launch the 'Stalking' with Vibram sole - one of the highest quality sole ranges on the market.

* Alfred Shrubb An excellent middle and long distance runner who in a career spanning 1899 to 1912 won over 1000 races and achieving 28 World Records


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