Grubs Boots Online - Largest Grubs Boot Stockist in the UK

With our extensive range of regular and exclusive lines, we are now the largest stockist of grubs Boots in the UK.

We have a massive 35 styles and colour options for the standard Grubs range.

We then have our exclusive Fieldline in Black and Moss with Vibram soles.

Another exclusive tall boot is the Grubs Shoreline. Although not a VIBRAM soled boot, the outer sole has a very similar design to the very first VIBRAM sole, the Carramato. This design sole designdates back to 1937, but is just as relevant today as it was 80 years ago.

The sole is the TREDZ design. Good perimeter grip and central lugs for grip in soft ground. The upper is a 4mm CR Foam with nylon protective layer - similar to the Grubs Frostline. 

Ideally suited to a wide range of uses, but particularly dog walking on muddy paths. The insulation level of this boot will typically provide comfort down to -20 degC


We then come to the Mid Length boots - The Grubs Midline with it's TRAX sole has always been a good seller - Similar in style to the Muck Boot Scrub, but with a far superior sole pattern. 

In this case, we have not changed the design, merely added an exclusive colour option - Navy. 


When it comes to gardening shoes, both Grubs and Muck Boots have a very similar product - Grubs Woodline and  Muck Boot Daily. 

Both styles have a full rubber outer layer, which is a bit of overkill for what is esentially a slip on shoe, to keep near the back door, or in the caravan.

We approached Grubs and they came up with the ATS range. This shoe has the same outer sole as the Woodline, but has a solt nylon / CR foam upper - making them very easy to slip on / off. The exclusive ATS is available in 3 colours - Black, Navy and Moss Green. 

We have then in the Calverton showroom, so why not come and try them for comfort.









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