Grubs Boots Rainline

Most Grub's boots are based on two defining elements - thermally insulated boots with a wide range of outer sole patterns. A good starting point for any Brand, but Grubs recognised further design features are popular with other Brands. 

Therefore Grubs introduced the Rainline range of boots. 

Instead of neoprene insulated uppers, the Rainline boot has a rubber upper with SUPERDRI lining to spread heat build up within the boot. This is matched to the TRAX outer sole, with insulated midsole and HexOrb heel protector.

This rubber boot design is targeting the Hunter rubber boot customers. The benefit over the rival boot being the insulated mid sole, the multipurpose TRAX sole pettern and the fully waterproof stretch panel to the rear of the upper, allowing a certain amount of expansion to allow for wider calfs.

Being essentially a rubber boot with smooth surface, the rainline is very easy to clean.

Grubs have found that apart from the excellent specification, the popularity of the Frostline boot is partially attributed to the colour options available. Therefore Grubs Rainline follow that trend by offering 5 colour options 


The Rainline specification summary

- The Superdri lining on the inside of the boot uses thousands of tiny fibre loops keep moisture away from the foot and keep the user dry and comfortable by reducing any build-up of heat or sweat.

- A removable 6mm Nitrocell cushions and insulates the foot thanks to a million microscopic nitrogen bubbles and provides superior thermal protection from cold surfaces.

- Trax technology provides superior grip no matter the surface you are on, with the lugs at every conceivable angle for maximum traction and unrivaled stability. The sole is made from Duraprene rubber which, as the name suggests, will last for the lifetime of the boot.

- Hexzorb heels are designed to dissipate the energy from every step you take, meaning you will be able to walk longer before you experience any discomfort in your feet.

And of course with a name like Rainline, the boot is 100% waterproof from the sole to the very top of the boot, so is completely ideal for British weather. These boots come in Aubergine, Sage Green, Navy, Rosewood & Heather - being available in sizes 4 to 8.

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