Grubs Fieldline

The Grubs Fieldline is available in both Moss Green and Black. As the name suggests, this boot is intended for robust Fieldwork and will be comfortable in temperatures ranging from -20 degC to +20 degC.

However, the unique feature of this boot is the VIBRAM Sorapiss sole tied to a 2/3rds rubber outer layer of rubber. These qualities provide a robust sole pattern that can be used in both muddy / snow conditions but also on smooth surfaces such as concrete or rock. The outer rubber will provide protection from brambles, thorns and the like - a truely great Field Boot. 

Aimed at the Farmer / Vet, the Grubs Fieldline boot will be equaliy appropriate for dog walking and specialist groups such as Moutain Rescue Teams and anyone involved in outdoor activities where a boot that provides a sure footed stance is paramount.


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Grubs Fieldline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Black

Grubs Fieldline - a robust field boot with Vibram Sole

Grubs Fieldline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Green

Grubs Fieldline - a field boot with Vibram Sole