Grubs Frostline

Grubs Frostline is the best selling range of Grubs Boots thanks to the sole design and wide choice of colours available.

The TRAX sole is used within the Frostline boots as they offer a multi-purpose sole which is particularly suitable for dog walking where grip on hard, stoney and soft surfaces may be required.

To ensure maximum comfort the reinforced heel incorporates the HexZorb shock absorber whilst the neoprene insulation incorporated into the sole and upper make this suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -10 degC to +30 degC.

To reduce the boot weight, the outer rubber protection finishes just above the ankle line whilst this also allows the upper neoprene to stretch freely to accommodate wider calves.

There are now eight colour options in the Grubs Frostline range, including a Camouflage boot, regular Black / Moss.

A useful tip – Sometimes the Neoprene upper can be tight around the calf, making it difficult to stop the bottom of your trousers being scrunched up around your calf. With no rubber protection to the boot upper of the Frostline, simply turn down the Neoprene upper to make something like a Mid Height boot – then put foot into the boot, get your trousers neatly placed into the boot and roll the boot upper back up your leg. This ensures your Grubs Frostline boot will always fit snug and comfortably.

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Grubs Frostline 5.0 Fuchsia Boot

Grubs Frostline perfect for Dog Walking
£79.99 £59.00

Grubs Frostline 5.0 Violet Boots

Grubs Frostline Violet perfect for Dog Walking
£79.99 £59.00

Grubs Frostline Sport 8.5 Black Boots

For grip and warmth in icy conditions the Grubs Frostline Sport is the boot for you
£94.95 £63.49