Grubs Highline - available in our showroom

Grubs Highline boots in Sage Green and Mahogany are now in our showroom - and very stylish they are too. 


These are ideal for dog walking boots over any surface and will be very easy to keep clean.

The design offers a full rubber shafted boot matched to a TRAK sole, that due to the distinctive tractor tyre style pattern, offers good grip in either soft ground or on hard surfaces. To provide grip in soft ground/snow, the deeply ridged sole is essentially self-cleaning.

The heel has a defined line that helps with braking, whilst the sole pattern offers good levels of grip for acceleration. The heel also incorporates an HexZorb insert which acts as a shock absorber, resulting in less stress to the heel.

For additional comfort and thermal insulation, there is a 6mm NITROCELL inner sole. Another feature of the Grubs Highline is the clasp at the top of the boot shaft. Unlike Neoprene boots that can expand to provide a comfortable fit to most calf sizes, the rubber shaft cannot expand. Therefore a clasp has been provided so the top of the boot can be adjusted to your individual needs.

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