Grubs Highline brings a new dimension to the Grubs Boot Range. A classically styled full rubber wellington with side clasp to allow width adjustment around the calf. This range of boot is based on the well tested TRAK sole pattern which resembles a tractor tyre tread. When you look at the tread pattern it is easy to see how this sole pattern will be good in mud and snow. Not only that, there is an HEXZORB insert in the heel that acts like shock absorber and reduces impact pressure on hard surfaces.   The inner sole incorporates a 6mm Nitrocell that provides both cushioning and also insulation from the cold. The full rubber on the Grubs Highline boot makes it extremely easy to keep clean and an ideal Dog Walking or general use waterproof boot.   

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Grubs Highline Wellington Boots in Green

£75.00 £69.95

Grubs Highline Wellington Boots in Mahogany

£75.00 £69.95