Grubs Midline

The Grubs Midline range of boots combine the best features from two existing Grubs Boot ranges to create a truly incredible footwear solution.

The Field Mid was very good in the garden on grass & soil, but the ribbed sole made it inappropriate for use on stoney paths etc.  The Frostline provides a really good all round full height boot, but in summer a shorter boot would be an advantage. The Midline therefore incorporates the lugged sole of the Frostline and merges that with the shorter height of the Field Mid.

With shorter height boots insulation is not always such an issue, but the Midline retains the same insulation levels that make this boot comfortable in temperatures ranging from -10 degC to +30 degC, perfect for a winter walk to the pub or a summers day gardening. Grubs Midline boots are a firm favourite of gardeners across the country, and are available today from Grubs Boots Online.


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