Grubs Rainline boots offer an alternative to the normal Grubs insulation levels. This boot has an insulated inner sole, but no insulation to the upper. This boot is therefore aimed at the traditional wellington boot market, where thicker socks may be required in winter months. To provide the same functionality as an insulated neoprene boot, which will stretch around your calf, the Rainline incorporates a stretch panel for added comfort. It also includes SUPERDRI lining to wick away moisture in the boot. Where easy cleaning is a feature you are looking for in a wellington boot, the Rainline fits that criteria. The outer sole is the well tested TRAX design for excellent grip over a wide range of surfaces.

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Grubs Rainline Aubergine Wellington Boots

£60.00 £49.99

Grubs Rainline Heather Wellington Boots

£74.95 £54.50

Grubs Rainline Navy Wellington Boots

£60.00 £49.99

Grubs Rainline Rosewood Wellington Boots

£74.95 £54.50

Grubs Rainline Sage Green Wellington Boots

£60.00 £49.99