Grubs Skyline range extended

Following on from the success of the initial Skylne Mahogany / Rosewood colourway,



Grubs have now introduced the Skyline Black / Heather 


The Skyline boot has a modern quilted upper matched to a fine ribbed Duraprene sole, this range is targeting both the Equine and Everyday boot sectors. 

The slim sole / shoe section defines this boot from the other ranges clearly aimed at those using their Grubs Boots in muddy or soft ground, where a thicker sole pattern is required. 

The Grubs Skyline is a direct competitor for the Muck Boot Arctic Adventure range – one of the most popular Muck Boot products. Both the Skyline and Arctic Adventure have similar neoprene based insulation levels for all year round comfort. However, the Skyline has the benefit of the current design trend for subtle quilted detailing. 

The structure of the Skyline boot ensures they are 100% waterproof for their full height – many people think it is only the outer rubber layer up to ankle height that is waterproof. That is not the case, the rubber is there to protect the neoprene against damage from thorns etc. It is the neoprene that offers both thermal and water insulation – just like with a wetsuit. Due to the 

Due to the stylish design, these boots are practical for dog walking, yet smart enough to wear on a night out. Not many boots meet that criteria.

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