New Exclusive Grubs Shoreline

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of Grubs Boots, made exclusivley for Internetgardener.

This boot came about following a discussion with David Foster from Grubs regarding the existing Grubs Fenline boot - a greatboot with the all surface TREDZ sole and 2/3rds outer rubber protection.

We came to the conclusion the TREDZ sole was suberb, but the high outer rubber of the Fenline made the boot very heavy. 

The Shoreline amalgamates the TREDZ sole from the Fenline with the low level outer rubber from the very popular Grubs Frostline range.

The result is a boot that provides excellent grip on the majority of surfaces with an insulated upper that can now expand to fit the majority of calf sizes.

The Shoreline is available in Moss or Black.

The low level outer rubber allows the upper to be rolled down before inserting your foot, get your trousers neatly placed inside the boot and then pull the upper up around your leg - just like the Frostline.

 Rather than the TRAX sole of the Frostline, the Grubs Shoreline incorporates the TREDZ sole found on the Grubs Fenline and Ceramic Safety boots. As you can see in the images below, this sole pattern has a wide perimeter grip pattern for smooth or slippy surfaces and then central triangular nodules to grip into soft grass.



The new Shoreline is now available to try in our Calverton showroom.


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