New Grubs Boots for 2017

Following the success of the exclusive Grubs Fieldline range this year, we thought it would be useful to provide details of new ranges coming in 2017.

From Left to right we have

1, Snowline Mid 8.5 Blue - Same Vibram Multisport sole as the Snowline, Stalking, Treeline and Ptarmagan. Mid length will be really popular. Available Autumn 2017

2, Snowline Mid 8.5 Grey / Charcoal - As above just a different colourway. Available Autumn 2017

3, Frostline Mid 5.0 Black - Same TRAX sole and insulated upper as the existing Frostline range, just a little shorter. Available Autumn 2017

4, Midline 5.0 Navy - Same TRAX sole and insulated upper as the existing Midline, but in a Navy colour to open up the customer base. Available May 2017

The Mid length boots are really useful, as they have the same sole pattern as the full height boots, but being shorter they are much more comfortable when kneeling. Main market will be Dog Walking and Gardening.

5-7, All Terrain Slip On Shoe in Black, Navy and Green. The thought process behind this range comes from the comfort and proacticality of Beach Shoes with a very soft material upper. But to increase the practicallity, the outer sole has been upgraded to a full rubber sole. Lovely for Gardeneing, Camping or just casual use - More like outdoor slippers, so I will probably use them when driving. We hope to have the Black and Navy versions available in May.  


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