Selecting Dog Walking Boots

With so many people in the UK being dog owners, the market for dog walking boots is substantial.

However, with dog ownership covering both urban and rural locations, the choice of a suitable boot is paramount.

If you generally walk on paths, there is little need for full height outer rubber on your neoprene boots. So a Grubs Shoreline or Frostline would be appropriate. 

However if you walk over fields, near hedgerows and brambles, you would be best to consider the Grubs Fieldline or Fenline, as the outer rubber layer will protect the neoprene from thorns etc.

If walking is generally on smooth surfaces, the TREDZ sole pattern of the Shoreline boot is perfect for all year round use. The outer perimeter tread provides grip on smooth / frosted paths. The inner studs in the centre of the sole provide excellent grip on soft grass - a true all round boot.

If generally walking on soft muddy fields, the Fieldline, Stalking or Tayline would be good, as they have sole patterns designed for muddy groiund. The Fieldline incorporates the Vibram Soripiss outer sole. The Stalking uses the Vibram Multisport outer sole, with 3 pronged raised studs offering excellent grip, especially on soft grass. The Tayline has the TRAK outer sole - deep ridged chevron outer sole pattern - think of a tractor rear tyre pattern, and who are visulising something similar to the TRAK sole - very good self cleaning sole suitable for muddy ground.

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